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My National Service

With pride in God, I can boldly say; I have served my country well. It has been months of dedication and service, both in the sun and in the rain but it was worth the while. Today, I receive the certificate of honor, of which stands as a testament to my 365 days of total service to my nation (Nigeria). For many, it may have been a bumpy ride, but I am thankful to God Almighty that he took me in his arms and made mine a pleasant experience and a period I would cherish forever. To my good friends at my place of service (Zain Aberdeen, Dr. Inih, Abbey, Okeke Oguejiofor, Itohan Ukpebor and few others to mention) i'd say; Together, we made it. To my family, i'd say; Thank you. Your support cannot be quantified. To all those who gave me undeserved privileges because of my service uniform; I say, God bless you. I not only feel honored, I am honored. Looking back, I smile because it was worth it. However, while today marks the end of my service to

Usain Bolt: The Fastest Thing Running

Usain Bolt (World's Fastest Man Since The World Begun) I waited three years for this moment. Finally it came! Usain Bolt is the Olympic 100m champion and more-so, he has re-written the history books by setting a new Olympic record with 9.63 seconds. GOD bless you. JUSTIFIED!

Why The Bruhaha About Cassava Bread?

In the aftermath of President Goodluck Jonathan's approval of major incentives, aimed at encouraging the production of Cassava bread in the country, lots of people have come up with different satirical phrases across social media.  Based on the above background, it became pertinent and in the spirit of objectivity that I outlined few cogent benefits of the scheme below.   When people make fun of Nigeria using the 'Cassava' phrase, it only goes to show how far people would let themselves be led by their misunderstanding. I am certain that those who jeer the words 'cassava republic', certainly have not even bothered to see the many benefits the production of Cassava bread in Nigeria would bring. Do you know that with the cassava bread initiative, the nation would b e saving the N635bn being spent on the importation of wheat? Do you know that Cassava bread is cheaper and healthier? Do you know that jobs would be created as more manpower would be recruited

Even The Waters Danced To Michael Jackson

If you have been to the Dubai Mall to see the water-display, am sure seeing the fountain choreograph different kinds of music would surely not be new to you. However, what makes this video special is that not only did the water dance, it danced to one of the greatest hits by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Watch and See for yourself. :)

In Uyo on the 25th of June, 2012.

Arrived Uyo around 8:30am and just as usual, I was welcomed into the city by the exquisite roads, courtesy of the very high standards in road construction delivery as executed by the German construction giants; Julius Berger. On getting done with my engagements in Uyo at around 10am, my intention was to travel back to my state that same day. However, I chose to spend some time in the city (Uyo) till 3pm before leaving and as it turned out, I met these friends of mine (youth corpers serving in Akwa Ibom State) who were like " you cannot leave today o, you must hang-out with us today ". It might surprise you that in as much as it was a simple decision to make, it took me a little over three hours to finally make up my mind to stay. Even at the point were we all got into a car and each of them took turns in getting to their respective houses to change into casual wears, I still had not yet decided if I was willing to spend a night there. Well, after everyone was set in the

What Are You Doing With Negative People?

Yes, this question is for you; what are you doing with negative people? I bet you are having problems giving yourself an answer to this question. Anyway, I can help here and my advice to you is that you take a walk out of the presence of such people and never look back. It is easier to be discouraged than to be encouraged. Therefore, it is easier for the negative to influence the positive, rather than the other way round. We are living in a world today where worldly ideologies seem to have a better part of the populace, so on this; I guess you now see why the chances of embracing negativity are higher and why you need to avoid such environments or people at all cost. Negative people come in different forms; could be those who are just totally sinful and would never see any reason to be upright or responsible, could also be those who although are living responsible lives but somehow they never stop being pessimistic about every situation. The list is endless but the bottom-line is

Big Brother Stargame: #Bad-iDea? Or #GoodPlanGoneBad?

One cannot ignore the fact that this year’s (2012) Big Brother Edition tagged ‘Big Brother Stargame’ was meant to be the best and most thrilling ever in comparison to previous Big Brother Africa editions. However, with over a month to the end of the game, the Big Brother Stargame house has experienced eight (8) unforeseen evictions. Four of these being as a result of health / emotional issues of a partner and the other four resulting from the violation of the house rules, of which earned them an expulsion from the game. Without missing anything, I think this is the first time the Big Brother Africa reality show would be experiencing such massive disruption to the show. The nearest to this was the disqualification of Mr. Hannington Kavuma of Uganda during the Big Brother 5: All Stars season due to same rule violation. Nonetheless, the case of Mr. Hannington was an isolated case and really didn’t or in fact, didn’t cause any disruption to the game. Still on the Big Brother Africa Sta

Depend on GOD

I personally need no one to school me on the fact that humans would always fail you. Most times, this happens in situations where you believed that everything was within their jurisdiction to grant your request, either directly or indirectly. How many of you have experienced this? And how many of you are experiencing it now? Today, I have very few words for you. I can stake my life that GOD would never fail you. Whenever you need that job / favor / contract / scholarship / music deal or whatever, just take up your request to GOD Almighty, trust me, he would deliver to you that divine helper that would grant your earnest request without your ever needing to experience sleepless night or nights of tears.. Take this from me, if you depend on men(humans), that very person whom you think can help you by virtue of his/her high position in the society, is more likely to fail you ninety-nine (99) times out of a hundred (100). I am a witness to this and I can spea

How To Handle Insult And Maintain Compassion....A Short Story

One day a wise man was walking through a village. A very angry and rude young man came up and began insulting him. "You have no right teaching others, he shouted." You are as stupid as everyone else. You are nothing but a fake." The wise man was not upset by these insults. Instead he asked the young man "Tell me, if you buy a gift for someone, and that person does not take it, to whom does the gift belong?" The man was surprised to be asked such a strange question and answered, "It would belong to me, because I bought the gift." The wise man smiled and said, "That is correct. And it is exactly the same with your anger. If you become angry with me and I do not get insulted, then the anger falls back on you. You are then the only one who becomes unhappy, not me. All you have done is hurt yourself." "If you want to stop hurting yourself, you must get rid of your anger and become loving instead. When yo

Don’t Worry

Why worry? I have come to a conclusion that worry does no good but rather rubs us of the next step that would have likely bailed us out of whatever predicament we are facing. Most of the time, people easily succumb to worrying over issues while a solution is just a step away. When next you come across an obstacle whilst chasing your dream, rather than stop to worry, simply put in same effort into taking a bold step forward and you would be amazed with the magical effects this bold action would produce. Aside the fact that worry doesn’t solve anything, too much of it also causes physical strain on the body, which of cause makes one look older than their mark. Your worries could only get worse when you have to contend with whatever you are worrying about, alongside having to worry about your strained physical appearance. Most especially, in our generation of today where the 50 year olds want to look like the 30 year olds, I bet you sure would not want to look older than what

Lies: Never Underestimate It’s Ability To Ruin All You Got

This is one issue which I had trouble in making up my mind to write on. I detest it so much that I would rather have nothing to do with it, not even write about it. Nonetheless, I got myself around into writing about it, so feel free to read on and see what I really feel about lies from a very personal perspective. Here is a secret about me; “If you want to turn me off like a switch, just lie to me” – Eta Uso, June, 2012 Lies have always been told for generations past; yes, but does that make me accustomed to hearing it? No. You surely cannot comprehend how one’s reputation falls like a pack of cards whenever a lie finds its way out of one’s mouth. If you want to know how one feels when lied to, simply recall how you felt when someone thought he/she was smarter and therefore tried to play a fast-one on you with a lie. I would prefer not to restate over and over again, the negative effects of lies, because trust me; there is sure no positive side to this. I thought I was going t

Aviation in Nigeria - The Disdain For Human Lives: Way Forward

The Aviation Sector in Nigeria has faced very trying times in the past and with so many years gone by, we all thought that such an era was now long behind us. Unfortunately, the event of yesterday, 3rd June 2012, involving Dana Airways Flight 9J-997 from Abuja, goes to show the porous nature of aviation in our country (Nigeria), with emphasis on the followup revelations which revealed the outright neglect for safety and best practices by the management of Dana Airways. This country has been through alot lately, therefore I am certain without doubt that Nigerians do not need anymore of such calamities, more-so in cases where such calamities as caused by conscious human errors could have been avoided. Based on this background, I therefore say, Enough is Enough. No more should such air-mishaps end with the suspension/dismissal of staff. I want to see people serve long jail-terms with hard labour for their total disregard to safety of human lives. I

Why I Prefer Android Devices

This article is supposed to detail my preference of android devices over other operating system devices. However, I think what you are likely to read below would be focused on my preference for an Android device over an Apple iPad. You can't blame me. I think there are some things that are just meant to be. My loving of anything android is one of those things that was just meant to be. Apple was the first to introduce tab-computing via their ingenious product, the Apple iPad. However, in as much as they were the first in this feat, for some reason, I wasn't impressed by the Apple iPad. Literally, I felt and perceived the iPad as a glorified iPhone. It might interest you to know that I never laid hands on an iPad until a year after its first release. My meeting / getting a physical feel of an iPad was more of a coincidence as I happened to run into one at a friend's place. Nonetheless, this coincidence didn't change anything as I didn't fancy the iPad

One Blogpost Per Day

Running a blog goes beyond registering a blog address and posting articles only during your seasonal vacations or when your favorite sports team loses a game and you need a space to rant. Running a 'successful' blog requires consistency. It doesn't matter whatever niche you choose to focus on, one thing is certain, to be successful in blogging, you have to keep updating your blog frequently. At most (for those who are occupied with other daily jobs / responsibilities), you should ensure to post at least one new story per day. A day should never go by without you having at least one new content on your blog. Your readers would surely not visit often if they are not sure of seeing new quality contents as often as well. Sustaining a dedicated and increasingly readership base requires such consistency as mentioned above. You might want to give yourself the excuse that you are too busy to make out time to write a minimum of one blog-post for your blo

In Dubai With My Thoughts

[October 13th, 2011] - It’s a windy evening in the city of Dubai. Here am I, sitting just outside of KFC with a golden krusher in my hand whilst admiring the seemingly busy Deira district.  Dubai is a beautiful place, but not so much as I thought. Yes it’s something more; it unfathomable. Its beauty can't be described with words. If I have to describe Dubai, all I would say is; See It For Yourself.   While sipping on my krusher and reminiscing on my journey to this tourist hub, my start off point was from Lagos, Nigeria. I didn't have much to recall about the Lagos portion of the trip, except for the rowdiness at the check-in counters and seemingly baking-temperature environment [you'd make big bucks selling ice cubes in there]. Still on thoughts from Lagos, what more? Ok, maybe the trotting officials of the immigration service who would always seek to know how much you are travelling with, so that they could demand a decent percentage, especially when they get the

Gov. Amosun of Ogun State, What Drives Your Ideas?

So Ogun State governor, Ibikunle Amosun has revealed that his administration is making plans to a build a FIRST of its kind air-conditioned pedestrian bridge. Against what others may think, I would say its commendable especially as we don't get much of FIRSTS in Africa as much as we do see in Asia. But before Gov. Amosun rushes into being the first to build such, hasn't he done enough research to see that other nations or big cities (like our Asian brothers) that undergo such luxurious projects, are actually cities that have all their basic amenities in place. Hasn't he researched to see that cities who undergo such, are actually cities in which their citizens live on standards equal and most times higher than the acceptable Human Development Index. I am certain he hasn't done this research. Anyway, he doesn't need to anymore. Let him read the statistics I have given above and tell if Ogun State can boasts of any. If they can, let him go ahead wit

Is Internet Compulsory On All Devices? Ideas Please.

Ok, everyone knows I love gadgets . That’s not unusual right? Ok fine. Everyone knows I love the internet . This is common as well right? O cool. Just thinking aloud, does the love of gadgets and the love of the internet have anything in common? Not really, but such is common as well . Ok fine. Does the love of gadgets mean having two phones, a laptop + a phone/tab? O that’s so common, people have even more. Ok fine. Does the love of internet demand having ready-internet on your two phones, laptop and phone/tab all at the same time? No not really. In fact, hmmmmm. Why hmmmm? This particular question is hard o, but considering that you are a Nigerian in Nigeria, such a scenario as this could be understood. In fact, don’t know what to say o. Anyhow you wan take do am, me I think you should just cut down on your desire for having internet on all your devices. Seems its evident you can’t be of much help with regards my previous question? Not like I can’t be

University of Lagos now Moshood Abiola University: My Thoughts by Eta Uso Jr

“…After very careful consideration, and in honour of Chief M.K.O. Abiola’s accomplishments and heroism, on this Democracy Day, the University of Lagos, is renamed by the Federal Government of Nigeria, Moshood Abiola University, Lagos. The Federal Government will also establish an Institute of Democratic Studies and Governance in the University.” – President Goodluck Jonathan. Yes, University of Lagos is now Moshood Abiola University, Lagos, what next? PROTESTS? Come to think of it. Correct me if I am wrong. The man being honored here, isn’t he the same man we all acclaimed to be the 1993 Nigerian messiah? Isn’t he the same man we all refer to as the legend of June 12? Isn’t he the same man we all came out en-masse in his support during the 1993 elections? Isn’t he the same man for whom we all fought that his mandate be restored? If this is the same man of whom we all fought for and named all names from legendary to messiah, don’t we think that naming a school or any

Nigeria Is What We’ve Got: Lets Preserve It

In brief, I think we Nigerians need to keep reminding ourselves of certain things over and over again; Nigeria would be a better place if we all kept greed aside and focused on a united Nigerian dream. Being a patriot does not start and end with lip service. If we really and truly love this country of ours (Nigeria), we would do whatever it takes to preserve it and not destroy it.

#TeamChelsea - I Am A Tru-Blue. Proud Member of Chelsea FC Football Club

What more can I say? The pictures below speak for themselves.  However, just so you know, I don't just hype Chelsea FC on social media, I am actually an official paying member of Chelsea Football Club. :) Ouch, just stepped on a nail and am bleeding, and guess what? My Blood is BLUE. #IBleedBlue.

To Protesters Against Hon. Farouk Lawan's Report, I Say

In few words in response to this show of shame (pictures below) as demonstrated by 'paid' Nigerians who stepped out to campaign against our quest for accountability from Government and its agencies with special emphasis on the petroleum sector; To these people, I say; These pictures have gone viral on the internet and same would surely stand as a testament against you all for the rest of your lives. For on this day '24th April, 2012', you all sold out your conscience for a pittance towards obstructing a cause aimed at a greater good.

+4238773326 - A SCAM! Do Not Fall Prey

Today, 21st April, 2012, as I stepped into my room, I discovered that I had a missed call on one of my mobile lines. This missed call happened to be from a foreign number (+4238773326 ). In my usual manner of returning every missed call, I simply did same in this scenario. However, after the call got connected, I heard this computerized voice on the other end, telling me that I had won $50,000 and I should follow the voice prompts in order to claim my cash. At This Point, I Knew It Was A Scam. Anyway, I decided to see how far they would go and I stayed on for a little longer. The computerized voice at the other end, said, " We would need your personal details in order for you to claim your price " and then it went ahead to say " If you are a Male, press 1, if you are a female, press 2 "; I played along with that part and then it moved on to " Please pronounce your full name audibly after the beep ......"; At this point, I had enough and simply hu

Theft or Negligence? I was defrauded by an Etisalat Nigeria Staff

Date of Occurence: Thursday, 19th April, 2012. Its a warm Afternoon, browsing and doing lots of tweeting and suddenly I start getting connection issues. I quickly check the volume left in my Etisalat Internet bundle and I discover that its exhausted. I take few steps out of the house and just blocks away, I finally get to this recharge card dealer and I purchase Etisalat Recharge units worth N1,000 (One Thousand Naira). The dealer delivers my purchased cards to me in two (2) units of N500 (Five Hundred Naira) each. Done with the purchase, I head back to my abode. Settled in and then popped out the first card, scratch and in few seconds, its loaded. I pop out the next card and during the process of scratching off the sliver covering, three digits get badly affected. With three digits missing, the recharge process definitely could not be accomplished so I simply had to halt.

Season of Probes

Recently, the Nigerian atmosphere has been inundated with probes and more probes. No doubt, in trying to recall, one would easily be forgiven for skipping out on one or two. However, I may take the pleasure of reminding us all, but please kindly forgive me as well if I miss out on any. Here you go; Fuel Subsidy Probe, Pension Commission Probe, Security & Exchange Commission Probe... In a Season of Probes as these, it would be too early to conclude on the list, especially as the National Assembly has found itself a new job description (seemingly permanent one for that matter, at least for this season). Though, on a second thought, should we be looking forward to an abrupt end to these season of probes? Especially with the recent counter-revelations of which turned the Judge to an Accused? I mean, we might not be off-track if we do not expect any more probes as the 'Judges' may have just come to terms with the fact that, the Accused


The 2011 Calabar Christmas Festival was without doubt a major success. However, unlike previous years where I always wrote a lot about the carnival activities, this time around, I would let the few pictures below to speak for themselves. :) I and Mercy @ d Calabar Christmas Carnival 2011

ON PMS @ N97; Lets Move Forward

ON PMS @ N97; Lets Move Forward There is this saying that 'you can't keep doing things the same way and expect a different result'. I think the President has acted like a true leader by heeding to the cries of the people and thereby reverting the pump price downwards by N44 from N141. I know some people might say that the initial N141 was a bait to see the response of the masses and that N97 was the real intended price the Government wanted to tag the price of PMS; however, that's not important. Whats more important is that the savings from this partial removal of subsidy would enable the President carry out his transformational agenda for the nation. It doesn't matter what the cynics are or might be thinking, what matters is that we should give the President a chance. The better Nigeria we seek is going to be a gradual process and minimal sacrifices as these has to be made. Our paramount aim as the people of this nation should be to pray for our nation and Presid