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In Dubai With My Thoughts

[October 13th, 2011] - It’s a windy evening in the city of Dubai. Here am I, sitting just outside of KFC with a golden krusher in my hand whilst admiring the seemingly busy Deira district.  Dubai is a beautiful place, but not so much as I thought. Yes it’s something more; it unfathomable. Its beauty can't be described with words. If I have to describe Dubai, all I would say is; See It For Yourself.   While sipping on my krusher and reminiscing on my journey to this tourist hub, my start off point was from Lagos, Nigeria. I didn't have much to recall about the Lagos portion of the trip, except for the rowdiness at the check-in counters and seemingly baking-temperature environment [you'd make big bucks selling ice cubes in there]. Still on thoughts from Lagos, what more? Ok, maybe the trotting officials of the immigration service who would always seek to know how much you are travelling with, so that they could demand a decent percentage, especially when they get the

Gov. Amosun of Ogun State, What Drives Your Ideas?

So Ogun State governor, Ibikunle Amosun has revealed that his administration is making plans to a build a FIRST of its kind air-conditioned pedestrian bridge. Against what others may think, I would say its commendable especially as we don't get much of FIRSTS in Africa as much as we do see in Asia. But before Gov. Amosun rushes into being the first to build such, hasn't he done enough research to see that other nations or big cities (like our Asian brothers) that undergo such luxurious projects, are actually cities that have all their basic amenities in place. Hasn't he researched to see that cities who undergo such, are actually cities in which their citizens live on standards equal and most times higher than the acceptable Human Development Index. I am certain he hasn't done this research. Anyway, he doesn't need to anymore. Let him read the statistics I have given above and tell if Ogun State can boasts of any. If they can, let him go ahead wit

Is Internet Compulsory On All Devices? Ideas Please.

Ok, everyone knows I love gadgets . That’s not unusual right? Ok fine. Everyone knows I love the internet . This is common as well right? O cool. Just thinking aloud, does the love of gadgets and the love of the internet have anything in common? Not really, but such is common as well . Ok fine. Does the love of gadgets mean having two phones, a laptop + a phone/tab? O that’s so common, people have even more. Ok fine. Does the love of internet demand having ready-internet on your two phones, laptop and phone/tab all at the same time? No not really. In fact, hmmmmm. Why hmmmm? This particular question is hard o, but considering that you are a Nigerian in Nigeria, such a scenario as this could be understood. In fact, don’t know what to say o. Anyhow you wan take do am, me I think you should just cut down on your desire for having internet on all your devices. Seems its evident you can’t be of much help with regards my previous question? Not like I can’t be

University of Lagos now Moshood Abiola University: My Thoughts by Eta Uso Jr

“…After very careful consideration, and in honour of Chief M.K.O. Abiola’s accomplishments and heroism, on this Democracy Day, the University of Lagos, is renamed by the Federal Government of Nigeria, Moshood Abiola University, Lagos. The Federal Government will also establish an Institute of Democratic Studies and Governance in the University.” – President Goodluck Jonathan. Yes, University of Lagos is now Moshood Abiola University, Lagos, what next? PROTESTS? Come to think of it. Correct me if I am wrong. The man being honored here, isn’t he the same man we all acclaimed to be the 1993 Nigerian messiah? Isn’t he the same man we all refer to as the legend of June 12? Isn’t he the same man we all came out en-masse in his support during the 1993 elections? Isn’t he the same man for whom we all fought that his mandate be restored? If this is the same man of whom we all fought for and named all names from legendary to messiah, don’t we think that naming a school or any

Nigeria Is What We’ve Got: Lets Preserve It

In brief, I think we Nigerians need to keep reminding ourselves of certain things over and over again; Nigeria would be a better place if we all kept greed aside and focused on a united Nigerian dream. Being a patriot does not start and end with lip service. If we really and truly love this country of ours (Nigeria), we would do whatever it takes to preserve it and not destroy it.