University of Lagos now Moshood Abiola University: My Thoughts by Eta Uso Jr

“…After very careful consideration, and in honour of Chief M.K.O. Abiola’s accomplishments and heroism, on this Democracy Day, the University of Lagos, is renamed by the Federal Government of Nigeria, Moshood Abiola University, Lagos. The Federal Government will also establish an Institute of Democratic Studies and Governance in the University.” – President Goodluck Jonathan.

Yes, University of Lagos is now Moshood Abiola University, Lagos, what next? PROTESTS?

Come to think of it. Correct me if I am wrong. The man being honored here, isn’t he the same man we all acclaimed to be the 1993 Nigerian messiah? Isn’t he the same man we all refer to as the legend of June 12? Isn’t he the same man we all came out en-masse in his support during the 1993 elections? Isn’t he the same man for whom we all fought that his mandate be restored? If this is the same man of whom we all fought for and named all names from legendary to messiah, don’t we think that naming a school or any entity after him, should be more of an honor to such an entity than a curse?

I am sure the student ‘protesters’ would have different reasons as to why they all set out to join a protest against this name change. Nonetheless, if we may ask, one would love to know what affinity these students have with the name ‘University of Lagos’, that they think such a name does not deserve a more supposedly superior name based on the respect and honor we all bestowed on the man of whom this school now bears his name.

I think one should pause for a minute and really ponder on the value of this new name (Moshood Abiola University, Lagos) and the history it represents, rather than express their feelings based on how sweet or un-sweet the new name sounds. I think in this case as in every other case, Value should always be placed above Taste.

These are my honest thoughts.

Eta Uso Jr.
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  1. Wonderfully rendered...Keep up the good work. Get on 4Point Network Today.

  2. Nomenclature has little to do with the fact. In my reasoning, apart from all MKO stands for in Nigeria, I think FGN shd concern itself more with the raising of the academic standard in Nigeria than in what names schools bear. For me, and I should believe, for the students, if protest should come, shouldn't be over this change of name. It will be insane to do so. Let us hope not to get any protests though, it is really not a worthwhile venture in the long run


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