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Do Not Resist Enmity Against You

Word for Today: Don't feel bad or dampened. Neither should you seek to respond to enmity. Lest you didn't know or may have forgotten; Enmity was what promoted Joseph. Enmity promoted Daniel. Enmity has been the propeller to sucess of many than love from friends. Why is this so? Remember, GOD is the judge of the whole universe. He sees it all. Thus, most often than not, you are promoted not for what you did, but rather, you are promoted because of what was done to you. When the enemy executes evil plans against you, our GOD, the judge of the whole universe, looks upon your case and executes judgement on your behalf. And for every judgement, there is a punishment and a compensation. Those who leave vengeance to the Lord will always be compensated. If our earthly judges can grant tasty compensations on earthly cases, how much more the Judge of the whole universe!!! Remain blessed. Shalom.