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Why The Bruhaha About Cassava Bread?

In the aftermath of President Goodluck Jonathan's approval of major incentives, aimed at encouraging the production of Cassava bread in the country, lots of people have come up with different satirical phrases across social media.  Based on the above background, it became pertinent and in the spirit of objectivity that I outlined few cogent benefits of the scheme below.   When people make fun of Nigeria using the 'Cassava' phrase, it only goes to show how far people would let themselves be led by their misunderstanding. I am certain that those who jeer the words 'cassava republic', certainly have not even bothered to see the many benefits the production of Cassava bread in Nigeria would bring. Do you know that with the cassava bread initiative, the nation would b e saving the N635bn being spent on the importation of wheat? Do you know that Cassava bread is cheaper and healthier? Do you know that jobs would be created as more manpower would be recruited

Even The Waters Danced To Michael Jackson

If you have been to the Dubai Mall to see the water-display, am sure seeing the fountain choreograph different kinds of music would surely not be new to you. However, what makes this video special is that not only did the water dance, it danced to one of the greatest hits by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Watch and See for yourself. :)