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Intercontinental Bank PLC

This post is in reward to my bank (Intercontinental Bank PLC) for being a worthy service to me and its other customers. Intercontinental Bank PLC, Nigeria, has been and is an epitome of excellence. Right from the door, you are welcome like a king and while inside, you are treated with respect. They do not base their respect on the value of money in your account. Everyone is treated with love and equity. I must also commend Intercontinental Bank Plc for their innovation drive and also, because they do not believe in being second best. They always aim for the best, and we as shareholders and customers of the bank are living testimonies to that. As a student, the launch of the new Intercontinental Bank Prepaid MasterCard has made me register my presence on the internet without stress. Now I can shop online genuinely just like my foreign counterparts who had this monopoly for a long time now. I now also check my account statements online and confirm payments without needing to go to the


ATM Security ATMs keep your personal identification number (PIN) and other information safe by using encryption software such as Triple DES (Data Encryption Standard). But there are lots of things that you can do to protect your information and your money at an ATM. Note: Your ATM PIN should be a number that you can easily remember, but that would not be readily available to thieves. Bank ATM Secur ity Advic e ATM bank cash machines have been incorporated in our way of life. They offer a real convenience to those on the run, but at the same time offer an element of risk. Using a bank ATM machine safely requires awareness and a little planning. Just because a bank ATM machine is open and available 24-hours a day doesn't mean it is always safe to use it. ATM ROBBERY FACTS Most bank ATM robberies occur at night between 7pm and midnight when the machine only produces 10% of the daily transactions. Between 7pm and 4am, the ATMs handle only 11% of the total daily transactions but s

Do You Think Landlords Need to Get a Guarantor For Their Tenants?

Should landlords be looking for the security of a guarantor for new tenants? Landlords - we are all aware of the deteriorating economic climate. Rents have been falling although the latest figures show some signs of stability in average rents, and tenant unemployment is an increasing and potentially growing problem for landlords. I have been warning landlords for some time that they might want to consider rent guarantee insurance to protect themselves against tenants defaulting on their rent. Protecting a landlords rent - There are other measures that savvy landlords can use to protect their rent as well as tenant guarantee insurance. This is by a landlord using a guarantor. A guarantor undertakes to pay the rent of the tenant if they stop making rental payments. Essentially it creates a safeguard from a third party who underwrites the tenants rent and provides a buffer against default. Traditionally, guarantors have been used by landlords when letting to student tenants. It is also sy