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I write this message with regards to the consistent grief and unequivocal failure being showcased by ZAIN Nigeria in Calabar, Cross River State. I have been a Zain subscriber since the year 2004. My Zain line, back then which was known as Econet Wireless, was the first gsm line I ever had. From the day I subscribed to this network in 2004 till date, it has been a case of continuous and consistent poor quality of service. All my friends, immediate family members and relations who back then were all on the Zain network, have all migrated to other networks and have permanently dumped their Zain lines which have been since disconnected by the network due to inactivity. I am the only person and I mean, the only person, within my clique of friends and family members that still uses the Zain network. My only reason for being loyal to the Zain network even with her consistent failure is just because it was my first line and it happens to be the line I put in my Year Book during my High School