My National Service

With pride in God, I can boldly say; I have served my country well.

It has been months of dedication and service, both in the sun and in the rain but it was worth the while. Today, I receive the certificate of honor, of which stands as a testament to my 365 days of total service to my nation (Nigeria).

For many, it may have been a bumpy ride, but I am thankful to God Almighty that he took me in his arms and made mine a pleasant experience and a period I would cherish forever.

To my good friends at my place of service (Zain Aberdeen, Dr. Inih, Abbey, Okeke Oguejiofor, Itohan Ukpebor and few others to mention) i'd say; Together, we made it.

To my family, i'd say; Thank you. Your support cannot be quantified.

To all those who gave me undeserved privileges because of my service uniform; I say, God bless you.

I not only feel honored, I am honored.

Looking back, I smile because it was worth it.

However, while today marks the end of my service to my nation as a Youth Corper, it does not mark the end of my service to my nation as a Nigerian.

On this, I replace my head-dressing and give a dignifying salute!

Thank you GOD, for the beginning and the end belongs all Glory to you.


Eta Uso Jr.
Corper (Oct. 2011 - Oct. 2012)


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