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Inec's Voters Registration: My Personal Experience

I finally got registered today, the 2nd of February, 2011 at a primary school not far from where I live. I got out of the house at 10:30am just after getting set for my daily activities. I got to the registration point at about 10:35am. Fortunately, everyone in my area seemed to have registered before the 29th of January, 2011 which was the initial date the voters’ registration exercise was to end. Therefore, as I got to the registration desk, there was no-one except for the INEC staff on duty. We exchanged greetings and I told her I came to register. She then put on the UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) and laptop computer, then she logged in and everything was set. I was asked to squat in-front of the camera for my face-capture as there was no chair. However, my face was captured and then my 10 (ten) fingerprints were also captured without any hassles except for my index left-finger which had to be thumb-printed twice before the machine accepted it. In all, the whole registration p