Lies: Never Underestimate It’s Ability To Ruin All You Got

This is one issue which I had trouble in making up my mind to write on. I detest it so much that I would rather have nothing to do with it, not even write about it. Nonetheless, I got myself around into writing about it, so feel free to read on and see what I really feel about lies from a very personal perspective.

Here is a secret about me;
“If you want to turn me off like a switch, just lie to me” – Eta Uso, June, 2012

Lies have always been told for generations past; yes, but does that make me accustomed to hearing it? No.

You surely cannot comprehend how one’s reputation falls like a pack of cards whenever a lie finds its way out of one’s mouth. If you want to know how one feels when lied to, simply recall how you felt when someone thought he/she was smarter and therefore tried to play a fast-one on you with a lie.

I would prefer not to restate over and over again, the negative effects of lies, because trust me; there is sure no positive side to this.

I thought I was going to write a lot on this topic, however, few paragraphs into this and I am just feeling the need to stop here. I know you have either lost out of love, friendship, job, favour, etc, as a result of telling a lie.

Feel free to share your stories by posting in the comment section below.

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  1. Amina M.3:15 PM

    OMG! Eta, this seems like you are speaking to me directly. My good friend of 12 years is now suddenly a stranger to be just because of a lie I told of which I thought was harmless


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