Depend on GOD

I personally need no one to school me on the fact that humans would always fail you. Most times, this happens in situations where you believed that everything was within their jurisdiction to grant your request, either directly or indirectly. How many of you have experienced this? And how many of you are experiencing it now?

Today, I have very few words for you.

I can stake my life that GOD would never fail you. Whenever you need that job / favor / contract / scholarship / music deal or whatever, just take up your request to GOD Almighty, trust me, he would deliver to you that divine helper that would grant your earnest request without your ever needing to experience sleepless night or nights of tears.. Take this from me, if you depend on men(humans), that very person whom you think can help you by virtue of his/her high position in the society, is more likely to fail you ninety-nine (99) times out of a hundred (100).

I am a witness to this and I can speak with all authority, that when you take your request to GOD through prayer and supplication, he is sure able and would always grant your request in more ways than one, and mostly through a source or person you least expected or could ever comprehend.

I remember chatting with a young man sometime back and in the course of our discussion, I discovered that this young man was very familiar with many highly-placed men in the political circles. I remember saying to him "you must be very well to do, considering the fact that you know all these big men". He smiled and then gave this response "my brother, it's not as you see it" and then he continued " if people were being awarded a PhD for knowing big men, I would have had uncountable PhD's by now, but the truth is, these big men do not help as people think, many of them only offer little help when they need something from you". His answer struck me and I then said to myself, "why depend on man (humans), who would often seek to take before giving, why not depend on GOD, who is openly telling you that his wealth has no end and you should come in and have as much as you desire even to its overflowing".

My brother, sister, friends and all, this is my ministration from me to you. I have tasted both sides; GOD & Man, trust me, GOD's taste never gets sour.

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