Aviation in Nigeria - The Disdain For Human Lives: Way Forward

The Aviation Sector in Nigeria has faced very trying times in the past and with so many years gone by, we all thought that such an era was now long behind us.

Unfortunately, the event of yesterday, 3rd June 2012, involving Dana Airways Flight 9J-997 from Abuja, goes to show the porous nature of aviation in our country (Nigeria), with emphasis on the followup revelations which revealed the outright neglect for safety and best practices by the management of Dana Airways.

This country has been through alot lately, therefore I am certain without doubt that Nigerians do not need anymore of such calamities, more-so in cases where such calamities as caused by conscious human errors could have been avoided.

Based on this background, I therefore say, Enough is Enough. No more should such air-mishaps end with the suspension/dismissal of staff. I want to see people serve long jail-terms with hard labour for their total disregard to safety of human lives. I want to see a Nigeria (all sectors inclusive) where people are decisively punished for misfortunes that occur under their jurisdiction as a result of their neglect. The 'pack your bag and go' system must stop!. People need to be put down for putting others down, this is the only way we can drastically improve our service industry here in Nigeria.

Lord may your will be done on Nigeria.

I rest my case.

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