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Season of Probes

Recently, the Nigerian atmosphere has been inundated with probes and more probes. No doubt, in trying to recall, one would easily be forgiven for skipping out on one or two. However, I may take the pleasure of reminding us all, but please kindly forgive me as well if I miss out on any. Here you go; Fuel Subsidy Probe, Pension Commission Probe, Security & Exchange Commission Probe... In a Season of Probes as these, it would be too early to conclude on the list, especially as the National Assembly has found itself a new job description (seemingly permanent one for that matter, at least for this season). Though, on a second thought, should we be looking forward to an abrupt end to these season of probes? Especially with the recent counter-revelations of which turned the Judge to an Accused? I mean, we might not be off-track if we do not expect any more probes as the 'Judges' may have just come to terms with the fact that, the Accused