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The President GoodLuck Jonathan Administration: 100 Days of Promising Less and Delivering More

Highlights of the achievements of the President and his team in a continuing fulfillment of Mr. President's promise to "never let" Nigerians down. NATIONAL COHESIVENESS: After his victory at the April polls, President Jonathan was magnanimous in victory, sending emissaries nation-wide to get the buy in from all stake holders in the Nigeria Project. As a result of president Jonathan's commitment to electoral reform, the April Elections were adjudged the freest and fairest elections in Nigeria since the return to civil rule in 1999 as attested to by local and international observers a fact so apparent that all major opposition parties with the exception of one have publicly accepted President Jonathan’s victory. Reduction in Election Disputes: By close of submission of election petitions it was established they had dropped by almost 80% from the 2007 figures. RULE OF LAW: In the last 100 days this administration has obeyed all court judgments and respected the