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Victory Speech by Sen. Eta Uso Jr (Senate Mace & Records Custodian-Elect) of The Peoples' Senate

‘Today, change has come to the Peoples’ Senate’ It is a huge privilege and of great honour and responsibility in taking up this job. Today, the Peoples’ Senate has a new Government, a Government that is passionate and obedient to the founding values and objectives of this noble organisation; a Government of passion, patriotic-spirit as well as a Government of results. The journey from the pre-elections up till this day had not been a smooth ride. At certain moments, the storm seemed so overwhelming but thanks to the Almighty God of who maintained Peace in our minds and hearts and showed us all the signs and proofs that Victory was certain. We had many distractions along the way but I must state that we cannot have free government without elections; and if we had let the rebellion to force us into foregoing or postponing our election, they would have fairly claimed to have already conquered and ruined us. On a personal level, I was a victim of severe betrayals in the cours