In Uyo on the 25th of June, 2012.

Arrived Uyo around 8:30am and just as usual, I was welcomed into the city by the exquisite roads, courtesy of the very high standards in road construction delivery as executed by the German construction giants; Julius Berger.

On getting done with my engagements in Uyo at around 10am, my intention was to travel back to my state that same day. However, I chose to spend some time in the city (Uyo) till 3pm before leaving and as it turned out, I met these friends of mine (youth corpers serving in Akwa Ibom State) who were like " you cannot leave today o, you must hang-out with us today ". It might surprise you that in as much as it was a simple decision to make, it took me a little over three hours to finally make up my mind to stay. Even at the point were we all got into a car and each of them took turns in getting to their respective houses to change into casual wears, I still had not yet decided if I was willing to spend a night there.

Well, after everyone was set in their casual wears, our first port of call happened to be the Sliverbird Cinema located inside the Tropicana Resort in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Being my first time visiting the Sliverbird Cinema in Uyo, I expected so much, especially with the image of other Sliverbird Cinemas at other locations in the country still being very fresh in my memory. As we arrived the Tropicana Resort and stepped out of the car, the first thing that got my attention was the unkempt surroundings of the car-park that faces the entrance door into the Cinema. The parking-lot itself was well swept and neat but the grasses of which I am sure where planted for beautification, was rather what turned the beauty of the environment into ashes as the grasses were overgrown and sprouting at every corner. By the standards I have always come to expect from such leisure environments, I must say that the exterior environment of the Tropicana Resort of which houses the Sliverbird Cinema complex alongside other arenas, surely fell short of my expectation.

Nonetheless, the unkempt exteriors of the Tropicana Resort was not our reason for visiting, so we did not spend much time outside before we strolled through the entrance doors of the Sliverbird Cinema and at this point, I could then have some relieve as the interior of the Sliverbird Cinema strongly compensated for its very uninspiring exterior. However, even at this point, I had not still made up my mind to spend the night in Uyo and looking at the time, it was already 5:30pm and the movie in which we bought tickets for, was starting at 6:25pm. I knew within me that I had up till 6pm to leave Uyo that day if I wanted to, but then I had come along up till this point and with the movie start-time being 6:25pm, I knew there was no way I was going to watch the movie and then travel back same day. It was at this point I took the decision to stay back in Uyo for the night. In the moments before I came to this decision to stay, I can recall vividly that my morale was on the low as I was torn between two decisions (Stay or Travel). However, as soon as I made up my mind to stay back, I felt a burden being lifted off me and my morale swiftly peaked back to its usual 'motivated mode'. I had no strong reasons I could apply in order to turn down their request to stay back for the night, especially as I was not going to be very busy the next morning and more-so, the offer on the menu was harmless.

All said and done, we finally got into the movie theater for the movie 'Hunger Games' but first, we got our drinks, and little of those eatables you would surely be tempted to buy, especially when you have two beautiful young ladies with you :). Anyway, without having to take you through the little happenings (basically receiving one or two calls, cracking jokes amongst ourselves) that occurred sparingly in the course of the two hour movie, I would simply say that the movie was quite interesting and at least worth the time we spent there, although I would not see myself voting the movie for any industry awards.

Done with the movie, I am sure you know that no one loves pictures like the ladies, so on our way  out, we stopped for a brief photo-moment at the lobby (see few pictures below). One thing I forgot; you should never expect to get quickly done with snapping pictures when you have the ladies around and this surely played out as we spent another 30 - 45 minutes after the movie on taking pictures (just pictures o).

On the conclusion of our mission to the cinema alongside the extra photo-session (thanks to the ladies), we headed out of the Tropicana resort with everyone feeling the vibe of a close to three hours well spent. Still basking in the moment, more-so with the cool night breeze, we visited a few top bars/clubs in the city but being a weekday, the different spots we visited as expected, were scantily occupied. We however, spent some time in two of these places before finally retiring for the night.

Just before I end on telling this escapade of mine, I still have to add that I traveled out early the next day and o yes, staying back was really worth-it after-all.

Itohan, I and T.K

Itohan, I and T.K


Itohan and T.K

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