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#TeamChelsea - I Am A Tru-Blue. Proud Member of Chelsea FC Football Club

What more can I say? The pictures below speak for themselves.  However, just so you know, I don't just hype Chelsea FC on social media, I am actually an official paying member of Chelsea Football Club. :) Ouch, just stepped on a nail and am bleeding, and guess what? My Blood is BLUE. #IBleedBlue.

To Protesters Against Hon. Farouk Lawan's Report, I Say

In few words in response to this show of shame (pictures below) as demonstrated by 'paid' Nigerians who stepped out to campaign against our quest for accountability from Government and its agencies with special emphasis on the petroleum sector; To these people, I say; These pictures have gone viral on the internet and same would surely stand as a testament against you all for the rest of your lives. For on this day '24th April, 2012', you all sold out your conscience for a pittance towards obstructing a cause aimed at a greater good.

+4238773326 - A SCAM! Do Not Fall Prey

Today, 21st April, 2012, as I stepped into my room, I discovered that I had a missed call on one of my mobile lines. This missed call happened to be from a foreign number (+4238773326 ). In my usual manner of returning every missed call, I simply did same in this scenario. However, after the call got connected, I heard this computerized voice on the other end, telling me that I had won $50,000 and I should follow the voice prompts in order to claim my cash. At This Point, I Knew It Was A Scam. Anyway, I decided to see how far they would go and I stayed on for a little longer. The computerized voice at the other end, said, " We would need your personal details in order for you to claim your price " and then it went ahead to say " If you are a Male, press 1, if you are a female, press 2 "; I played along with that part and then it moved on to " Please pronounce your full name audibly after the beep ......"; At this point, I had enough and simply hu

Theft or Negligence? I was defrauded by an Etisalat Nigeria Staff

Date of Occurence: Thursday, 19th April, 2012. Its a warm Afternoon, browsing and doing lots of tweeting and suddenly I start getting connection issues. I quickly check the volume left in my Etisalat Internet bundle and I discover that its exhausted. I take few steps out of the house and just blocks away, I finally get to this recharge card dealer and I purchase Etisalat Recharge units worth N1,000 (One Thousand Naira). The dealer delivers my purchased cards to me in two (2) units of N500 (Five Hundred Naira) each. Done with the purchase, I head back to my abode. Settled in and then popped out the first card, scratch and in few seconds, its loaded. I pop out the next card and during the process of scratching off the sliver covering, three digits get badly affected. With three digits missing, the recharge process definitely could not be accomplished so I simply had to halt.