Monday, October 27, 2014

Do Not Resist Enmity Against You

Word for Today:

Don't feel bad or dampened. Neither should you seek to respond to enmity.

Lest you didn't know or may have forgotten; Enmity was what promoted Joseph. Enmity promoted Daniel. Enmity has been the propeller to sucess of many than love from friends.

Why is this so? Remember, GOD is the judge of the whole universe. He sees it all. Thus, most often than not, you are promoted not for what you did, but rather, you are promoted because of what was done to you.

When the enemy executes evil plans against you, our GOD, the judge of the whole universe, looks upon your case and executes judgement on your behalf. And for every judgement, there is a punishment and a compensation.

Those who leave vengeance to the Lord will always be compensated. If our earthly judges can grant tasty compensations on earthly cases, how much more the Judge of the whole universe!!!

Remain blessed.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nigeria: We Didn't Toil. So We Might As Well Let Go.

by Eta Uso, Jr.

Is it not sweet yet sour that once upon a time a few people clamoured that we stick to a system of rotational Presidency by virtue of zoning. Yet today, these same few people, believe that it is either out or war if a certain section insists on completing their own circle.

While the above may be sweet and sour, this section is out-rightly sour. In that, our Nigeria of which we have today and are seemingly seeking to actively destroy on the altar of self interest and lust for power, a very large chunk of us did not toil for it. Rather, the spirit of Nigeria today in which we seek to destroy is a legacy bequeathed us by brave and patriotic men of honour, very Nigerians as us, now departed.

We never toiled for her (Nigeria), our sweats neither blood never went down in exchange for the soul of she (Nigeria) that she might live. We gave nothing for her progress, so what's there to loose? We might as well just destroy her. Yet, though we seek to destroy her because we cannot have her for ourselves as our greed permits, if we so proceed and we finally bring her (Nigeria) to her knees, where do we get another? The truth we have refused to embrace is that there is no another. And even if we could give birth to another like her, I doubt the living souls in this generation embody enough honour to lay down sweat and blood for a new birth.

I will stop here and hope we all ask ourselves this question. Why destroy what we cannot rebuild?

GOD help us all.

@royaltyuso on Twitter.

APC Has Captured A Lost Generation

by Eta Uso Jr

I feel it necessary to bring forward that the Digital Age seems to have done a little more harm than good. Well, at least more harm than good to the lazy mindsets of this generation. 

How? It is simple. The wealth of information our generation gets exposed to in real-time is so alarming that it has resulted in poverty of attention.

Politically however, this poverty of attention has resulted in a chunk of the Nigerian masses not being able to determine or pinpoint what really matters most. 

Nonetheless, irrespective of the poverty of attention ravaging our youths of today, one certain trait that seems to have remained constant is the desire to be popular on social media, or at most, follow what's seemingly popular. This can be buttressed with the splurge of politically correct statements that seem to be everywhere these days, thus consuming the 'lazy minds' of this digital generation into thinking that what is 'politically correct' is actually Correct.

Digressing a little, one should not forget the impressive display of 'good spirit' by The Nation Newspaper under the authority of APC Chieftain, Bola Tinubu. The Nation Newspapers under 'good guidance' found it ethical to cut off the picture of a serving Minister in its print publication simply because the Minister in question appears not to be in good terms with the man who dictates the tune based on his privileged position as owner of the media outfit (The Nation Newspapers).

Pondering here is that, many 'Nigerians' (the kinds defined in the previous paragraphs) say they do not want the PDP anymore. All good. Taking them to task, when asked their preferred alternative, their chorused responses are often 'APC'. Pushing further, when they are asked; why APC? They respond, they want Change and anything but PDP is 'Change'.

From the immediate paragraph above, doesn't this reveal clearly that these set of Nigerians truly do not know what they want? Such that they will settle for another party spelt as 'APC', simply because it is not spelt with these words 'PDP'.

One wonders if these 'Nigerians' have pondered about how a man without power, yet could as much as cut off the picture of his perceived enemy against all media ethics in a Newspaper he controls. One should imagine or at least ponder what such a man and the party he controls will do to their perceived enemies, should they hold the power at the centre of Governance.

So help us GOD.

@royaltyuso on Twitter.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Your Present Troubles Are Small Your Glory Will Outweigh Them And Will Last Forever

By Eta Uso [Jr]

"For our present troubles are small and won't last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever." - 2 Corinthians 4:17

This above scripture reminds me of a Church service I attended some years ago. During that service, the Pastor while preaching, made a statement that has remained with me till date. He said; "those who do not understand your Story, will not understand your Glory". 

The above statement is true. Many see you today, wealthy, happy and in good health. Most of the time, you may even be ascribed to as being lavish or extravagant in your way of living. Many will criticise you for this, many will hate you even before they have the opportunity of meeting you. I tell you, do not blame them. They do not know your story. If only they knew what you endured. For example; they may never know that the man who got his first contract and chose to buy a brand new Toyota Prado SUV was actually wheeled to school in a wheelbarrow and such individual may have promised himself that his children will never have to go through same. Thus, at his first touch of money, he chose to take on a 'lavish' acquisition of a state of the act SUV.