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The 2011 Calabar Christmas Festival was without doubt a major success. However, unlike previous years where I always wrote a lot about the carnival activities, this time around, I would let the few pictures below to speak for themselves. :) I and Mercy @ d Calabar Christmas Carnival 2011

ON PMS @ N97; Lets Move Forward

ON PMS @ N97; Lets Move Forward There is this saying that 'you can't keep doing things the same way and expect a different result'. I think the President has acted like a true leader by heeding to the cries of the people and thereby reverting the pump price downwards by N44 from N141. I know some people might say that the initial N141 was a bait to see the response of the masses and that N97 was the real intended price the Government wanted to tag the price of PMS; however, that's not important. Whats more important is that the savings from this partial removal of subsidy would enable the President carry out his transformational agenda for the nation. It doesn't matter what the cynics are or might be thinking, what matters is that we should give the President a chance. The better Nigeria we seek is going to be a gradual process and minimal sacrifices as these has to be made. Our paramount aim as the people of this nation should be to pray for our nation and Presid