Why I Prefer Android Devices

This article is supposed to detail my preference of android devices over other operating system devices.

However, I think what you are likely to read below would be focused on my preference for an Android device over an Apple iPad.

You can't blame me. I think there are some things that are just meant to be. My loving of anything android is one of those things that was just meant to be.

Apple was the first to introduce tab-computing via their ingenious product, the Apple iPad. However, in as much as they were the first in this feat, for some reason, I wasn't impressed by the Apple iPad. Literally, I felt and perceived the iPad as a glorified iPhone. It might interest you to know that I never laid hands on an iPad until a year after its first release. My meeting / getting a physical feel of an iPad was more of a coincidence as I happened to run into one at a friend's place. Nonetheless, this coincidence didn't change anything as I didn't fancy the iPad on tv and neither did I appreciate it any better even after my physical touch / use of the device.

Going forward, the Android OS (Operating System) had become a commercial success. Demands grew for the Android OS on more mobile devices and just as quick as the iPad was launched, their market dominance was soon almost halved by the brave Android family. It was at this point my desire for tablet computing suddenly came to life and as a result, gave birth to my Samsung Galaxy Tab (it is actually what I used in typing this article). From here on, the Android OS continued to blossom as more mobile-device manufacturers started adapting the Android operating system on their mobile devices.

Now, as an android user and one who has felt and used an iPad few times (my sister's anyway), I can boldly say in my opinion that Android devices appear faster, more attractive and easier on the eye than the iOS Apple devices.

In summary, even the name Android makes me feel good. I can boldly say it is all I ever wanted in an operating system. More-so, being an open-source application, the Android software can only just keep evolving.

I am proud to be an Android user. O yes! :).

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  1. Mogaji Gbenga3:00 PM

    Just like every other competing products, Coke/Pepsi, PC/Mac. It boils down to personal choice and preference and less of advertisment. I use Android OS and I find it more user friendly and more available . Samsung, HTC, LG etc. The debate is unending. As far as you enjoy what you use. Keep it going.

  2. Thanks Mogaji. I can't but agree with you. Just as you said; if it works for you, why not, afterall thats what really matters.


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