One Blogpost Per Day

Running a blog goes beyond registering a blog address and posting articles only during your seasonal vacations or when your favorite sports team loses a game and you need a space to rant.

Running a 'successful' blog requires consistency. It doesn't matter whatever niche you choose to focus on, one thing is certain, to be successful in blogging, you have to keep updating your blog frequently. At most (for those who are occupied with other daily jobs / responsibilities), you should ensure to post at least one new story per day. A day should never go by without you having at least one new content on your blog. Your readers would surely not visit often if they are not sure of seeing new quality contents as often as well. Sustaining a dedicated and increasingly readership base requires such consistency as mentioned above.

You might want to give yourself the excuse that you are too busy to make out time to write a minimum of one blog-post for your blog daily. If you fall into the category that gives such excuse, then I can boldly say that blogging is not for you. To be a blogger in the real sense of the word, you will have to be passionate about it. Trust me, human beings always know how to make out time for their passions no matter how busy they may seem. Lest we forget, you must not be in that comfortable mode behind your laptop with a juice by your side before you can write a post for your blog. You can do it anywhere using your phone, iPad, Tab etc. You can write while on break, while in the car to that meeting, while waiting at the airport lounge for that trip, while waiting for that business meeting to start, the possibilities are endless. As you can type anywhere, you can as well publish your content from anywhere, thanks to new blog-publishing applications for mobile devices as well as the very convenient mobile option of publishing via email. Therefore with your mobile device in your hands, you can type and publish on the go, just as easy as sending an email.

For those who desire to convert their large readership base to cash, there are lots of advertising services out there that give good percentage when your readers click-on their adverts on your blog. One of the most popular advertising service that has lasted the test of time, is the Google Adsense service. I am a subscriber to this service and therefore I run strategically placed google adverts on this blog of mine of which fetches me a very decent paycheck (worth hundreds of $) monthly (note that most bloggers make hundreds of thousands monthly). I would say I get paid for doing nothing as I am very passionate about blogging and would still blog even if I wasn't being paid. However, do not rush into setting up a blog with the intention to run ads and make quick money. Your focus should be totally on consistency and good content, trust me, the rest would automatically follow.

Once again, the secret to a successful blogging experience is to keep your blog active / always updated. Therefore, wherever you go, wherever you may be, always ensure to put up ' One Blogpost Per Day '.

I wish you a successful blogging experience.

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