Gov. Amosun of Ogun State, What Drives Your Ideas?

So Ogun State governor, Ibikunle Amosun has revealed that his administration is making plans to a build a FIRST of its kind air-conditioned pedestrian bridge.

Against what others may think, I would say its commendable especially as we don't get much of FIRSTS in Africa as much as we do see in Asia.

But before Gov. Amosun rushes into being the first to build such, hasn't he done enough research to see that other nations or big cities (like our Asian brothers) that undergo such luxurious projects, are actually cities that have all their basic amenities in place. Hasn't he researched to see that cities who undergo such, are actually cities in which their citizens live on standards equal and most times higher than the acceptable Human Development Index.

I am certain he hasn't done this research. Anyway, he doesn't need to anymore. Let him read the statistics I have given above and tell if Ogun State can boasts of any. If they can, let him go ahead with the project and if they cannot, he better deeps his head in shame and retrace his steps.

In a country where 24 hours light is not yet a reality, how does he intend to power the air-conditioners of the pedestrian bridge? By diesel right? Using taxpayers money.

Characters in Power.

I rest my case.

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