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Nigerians; what do you gain?

By Eta Uso Jr. Our nation Nigeria has been through a lot of trying moments this past one (1) year and I am of no illusion that Nigerians are not fed up, neither am I of any illusion that the citizenry do not all seek a better and safer Nigeria but one thing that’s of real concern to me and of which I need answers to, is; 'Nigerians, what do you gain by throwing and dishing out insults at our President?'. Maybe if even one (1) out of 150 million Nigerians can confidently tell me how throwing insults and non-constructive criticisms on the President could offer our Nation any of the positive strides we seek, then maybe I might as well join the band-wagon. On a second thought, could it be that there is some satisfaction gained when such hate / derogatory words are used on our President? Could the satisfaction be that we would stand to be counted amongst the people that spoke during the trying moments of our nation? Or, could it be that we exhibit such actions as a part of our s