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Misconception Based on a Single Story: The Actual Abuja I Discovered

Picture Credit: Chipper / Wikipedia by Eta Uso, Jr. I grew up in the oil rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Though privileged, my growing up years had very little travel experiences. My life basically revolved around the states of Cross River, Akwa Ibom and Rivers State. Even till this day, I think I have travelled more times abroad in the past five years than I have travelled within my own country (Nigeria) in the over twenty years of my life. Not sure if this makes me sound less patriotic or preferably, more like a Global Citizen. Growing up, I was privy to tales about the city of Abuja from friends, cousins and yes, the print media. Tales of Abuja being the city of fantastic mansions, luxurious cars, fast money and furthermore, a city with the finest private parties with accompanying financial recklessness being often exhibited by the stupendously rich. Abuja was in simple terms described and projected as Nigeria's El Dorado and the repercussion was instant (citize