Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Trust me, am back!

It has been exactly 10 months ago since I last posted a status on Facebook. Within this span of the last 10 months, my general active participation on social platforms such as My Blog, Facebook and Blackberry Messenger also noticed a sharp decrease by over 80%.

Am sure you want to ask where I left to and what took me away, am also sure some people would want to ask why 10 months?, with regards to the fact that they might be wondering if there is something peculiar about the number ‘10’. Some in their good sense of humour would ask why I did not just make it 12 months at once. Some would also want to ask, why am I back at this crucial time of the year? Trust me, minds would be wandering, but it is all good.

The beauty of this is that, I was away for a purpose and re-assuredly I can tell you, I ACHIEVED IT, all thanks to the almighty God.

Now, am back on full cylinders, all wheel drive and ready to take on from a new level.

You might still want to ask what took me away, trust me; you would not need to bother. At least one thing I can tell you with confidence is that my absence was ‘Justified’ and mission was ‘Accomplished’.

From me to you.....take this.... Recognise Am Back!

Sincerely Yours,

Eta Uso (Jr)
Twitter: @royaltyuso

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Peoples' Senate host the first ever Youth Presidential Debate in Nigeria

The People’s Senate, a new Nigerian youth organization, has concluded plans to host Nigeria’s first ever youth presidential debate on March 13, 2011 at the Sheraton Hotels and Towers in the Federal Capital city of Abuja.  The Peoples’ Senate is an organization founded in the month of March 2010 with a view to mobilizing the Nigerian youth for mass participation and contribution towards building the nation of their collective dream.

The People’s Senate is positioned to be Nigeria’s authentic youth group focused on youth empowerment and keen participation in the socio-political space of the Nigerian nation. Established with a vision “to build a truly politically conscious and informed Nigeria where everyone is a guardian of our democracy, development and national identity”. The objective of The People’s Senate is to, amongst other things; build the largest movement of youths and women ever seen in the world under one umbrella to participate in politics and nation building, position the members of the Peoples’ Senate to influence the outcome of any election based on collective will and informed choices in the greater interest of the ordinary Nigerian, position a new set of competent, passionate and inspired youths and women for elective offices, position the Nigerian youth and women for global competitiveness, leadership and responsibility.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, I gladly wish to inform you about the upcoming first Nigerian Youths Presidential Debate. The idea is to the bring the Youth leaders of the Presidential Campaign organizations of the different candidates to debate the issues that form their campaign. This event will hold on the 13th of March, 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel, Abuja.

The essence of the debate is to showcase the intelligence of the Nigerian youths as regards their understanding of the political and economic issues of Nigeria. This is imperative because TPS (The People's Senate) is an organization that prepares youths for positions of leadership and also at all times tries to show the nation the untapped jewel in the mind of an average Nigerian youth. A debate of this type is surely the first of its kind and it will probably be the closest to a Presidential debate ahead of the April presidential election. We believe every senator in TPS has a role to play in this event.  Below is a brief of the event;

The Peoples Senate Presidential Screening Debate
I. Purpose:  To let Nigerians understand the position of the youth in politics and nation building.
II. Invited Guests : Youth leaders of all the Presidential campaign organizations.
III. Issues for debate:  Presidential manifesto and blue print as prepared by the Senate Leader and approved by the PSGC (Peoples’ Senate Governing Council).

The People’s Senate cordially invites Civil Society Groups, Professional Associations & interested Individuals to the 1st ever Youth Presidential Debate in Nigeria coming up @ Sheraton Hotels FCT-Abuja on 13th of March 2011. To get an Invitation, send your email address & name to 08033771132, 08035964527 or 08033116403 for Abuja residents and 08026221202 for Lagos residents and other states. On Blackberry (Abuja) 233c069d, 2143dcf4, (Lagos and other states) 25edc807.

Senator Eta Uso Jr
Chairman Sensitization Committee
For The Peoples’ Senate