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This is straight from my Heart. Reason for This: THE RECENT LISTING OF NIGERIA AS A TERRORIST NATION. It breaks my heart that this should be happening to Nigeria and also, the scenario in the country as at today, even makes it worse because it is a case of a Body (The Nation) in crises without the Head (The President) to stir things in the right path. It pains me from the deepest of my heart that this is happening at a time when our Leader and No.1 citizen of our Nation is away due to medical reasons and not on ground to handle this. I know that Nigeria has many vices that should give every Nigerian a reason to be perpetually sad, but however, we all know that Life must go on and that is why I personally refused to be saddened about all the happenings in the Country. However, this case of Nigeria now listed as a terrorist Nation has broken the camel’s back and I am deeply saddened by this. I do not want to shed tears for my beloved Nigeria. All I do, and will keep doing is


The 2009 edition of the Carnival Calabar held on December 27 deviated from the norm. Unlike the four previous editions which started in the morning and ended in the night, the event not only held on a Sunday (the first time it would hold on the day), it also started around 3pm and ran to around 5am of the following day. Though some people felt the carnival could have been shifted to the next day if the organisers really wanted people to enjoy their church service, Carnival 2009 was not devoid of its characteristic pomp and ceremony. Despite the five competing bands - Freedom Band, Masta Blasta Band, Bayside Band, Seag ull Band and Passion Four - and the non-competing b ands taking off at Millennium Park after the scheduled 2pm, people; old, young and children, lined the streets well into the night along the 12-kilometre procession route. The excitement was contagious as Nige rians and foreigners either followed the procession or waited for them on the well lit streets. If the streets