What Are You Doing With Negative People?

Yes, this question is for you; what are you doing with negative people? I bet you are having problems giving yourself an answer to this question. Anyway, I can help here and my advice to you is that you take a walk out of the presence of such people and never look back.

It is easier to be discouraged than to be encouraged. Therefore, it is easier for the negative to influence the positive, rather than the other way round. We are living in a world today where worldly ideologies seem to have a better part of the populace, so on this; I guess you now see why the chances of embracing negativity are higher and why you need to avoid such environments or people at all cost.

Negative people come in different forms; could be those who are just totally sinful and would never see any reason to be upright or responsible, could also be those who although are living responsible lives but somehow they never stop being pessimistic about every situation. The list is endless but the bottom-line is that, just as Water or Coca-Cola are still liquids, any type or format of negativity is still Negativity; stay away from it at all cost, including those it embodies, as well as its environs.  

What’s the need of a friend who doesn’t believe you can do it? Why keep a friend or a companion who never seizes to have reasons as to why you cannot achieve what you have set-out to achieve? Why keep a friend or companion who’s every conversation with you is always based on one sinful act or the other? Why keep a friend or companion who keeps leading you astray over and over again? Most times in our lives, we need just one person who would tell us it’s possible but you can never get such moral support with being around a pessimist. Atimes we just need someone who would believe in us but you sure cannot get such motivation from a negative environment. Atimes we just need someone who would tell us it’s still possible even after many failures but you sure cannot get such moral upliftment from being around negative minds.

I could go on and on but I would leave you with this short message;

Live, Think, Interact and Stay POSITIVE!

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