Is Internet Compulsory On All Devices? Ideas Please.

Ok, everyone knows I love gadgets. That’s not unusual right? Ok fine.

Everyone knows I love the internet. This is common as well right? O cool.

Just thinking aloud, does the love of gadgets and the love of the internet have anything in common? Not really, but such is common as well. Ok fine.

Does the love of gadgets mean having two phones, a laptop + a phone/tab? O that’s so common, people have even more. Ok fine.

Does the love of internet demand having ready-internet on your two phones, laptop and phone/tab all at the same time? No not really. In fact, hmmmmm. Why hmmmm? This particular question is hard o, but considering that you are a Nigerian in Nigeria, such a scenario as this could be understood. In fact, don’t know what to say o. Anyhow you wan take do am, me I think you should just cut down on your desire for having internet on all your devices.

Seems its evident you can’t be of much help with regards my previous question? Not like I can’t be of much help, I just think you should cut down on your desire for internet, that’s my own take. Where I can’t help is that, I can’t tell you exactly how to go about it, you would just have to figure a way. Abi, all these internet you dey use across multiple devices na free? No be free o. Oya then, decide for yourself na, on how you wan take cut down.

Sorry. Didn’t know you would have problem bringing up useful suggestions. Public una dey? Help here o, ‘please does the love of internet demand having ready-internet on your two phones, laptop and phone/tab all at the same time?’

Your ideas would be highly appreciated.

*Above is a discourse between myself and I. The predicament as re-acted above is what I am currently facing o.

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  1. I must say the way you join words really trips me. I am not into computer and stuff, so can't comment on the content of this post but I must commend your writing skills, YOU ARE A GENIUS.

  2. Thanks Edna. I really appreciate your words. I thank God for the gift. GOD bless.


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