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Mobile-Network Woes [SOS]

Blackberry; a mobile device famously called a perfect companion. It is a device that keeps your office and business with you wherever you go. However, as we all know, a Blackberry cannot function at its full potential without an active Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) or Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES) Plan. Having a blackberry was fun, but maximising its purpose for which it was built, has been a thing of frustration, thanks to Globacom Nigeria. I have been a Globacom Nigeria mobile subscriber for the past five (5) years and I must commend that it has been a period of smiles and satisfaction. I was impressed by Globacom Nigeria’s Quality of Service (QoS) as regards voice calls, therefore, when I finally bought a blackberry some few months back , I decided to hook onto “Globacom Nigeria’s Blackberry Internet Service” and this singular act of mine, happened to be my un-doing. No doubt, I had some blissful moments at the beginning but it did not last long, as the true face of