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Not everyone starts off easy

Not everyone starts off easy. Not everyone has it all laid out for them. However, that you did not or do not have it all laid out for you, does not mean you have to achieve less or remain incapacitated. Truth is, soaring in life is often times akin to riding a bicycle. For those of us who are familiar with bicycles, we know that to really get going, you have to gather momentum. Same applies to life. Even water understands that to really get going, all it needs is perseverance till it breaks through the rock, and after that, it flows so freely and beautifully and is simply unstoppable. What do you desire today? Perseverance is a trait of champions!

Courage flips the script!

Atimes in life, you have to go after a dream that is destined to fail without divine intervention. I am sure you must have come across or heard this popular maxim which says "life begins at the end of your comfort zone." More often than not, to achieve what no one else has achieved, you have to travel paths no one else has traveled or simply settle for the status quo. This reminds me of the courageous words of a friend - Clara Okpara... "Eta, I do not want to live an ordinary life". Today, are you going to take that bold step towards achieving your dream(s)? Or are you going to keep delaying that courageous act and end up doing so for the rest of your life. I call on you today. Are you a child of GOD? If yes, what are you waiting for? Today, step forward to your lion. Be courageous. Courage is proof of Faith. Victory surely awaits you on the other side. Have a lovely week ahead.