Tiger Woods Joins Twitter Amidst Bad PR News

Critics can't just have enough of this guy, as they continue to harp that its all the same with Tiger Woods, trying to appear sincere when he really is not. Some are even going as far as to call Tiger a "fraud," and waiting for the next "cutesy" Nike ad to "enlighten us even further." (sarcasm is indeed prevalent in that last statement)

The downfall in Tiger Woods image has been further complicated by the downfall in his game this season, and it's been a drastic one for an athlete many compared as the Michael Jordan of golf. He didn't win all year for the first time ever.

This quote could be the most telling of them all:

"The single worst thing that ever could happen to Tiger Woods may be happening," said Michael Kempner, President of MWW Group public relations in East Rutherford, N.J. "He has gone from being immortal to being extraordinarily mortal."

Famous (or in-famous) golfer has been bitten by the tweeting bird and has officially joined Twitter today. The account @TigerWoods is verified and is gaining bucket loads of followers by the hour.


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