By Eta Uso (Jr).

It is not unusual that we might wake up one day to find out that Nigeria is Broke. Yes Broke!!!

If things are not corrected, a day is coming when Nigeria as a nation would file for bankruptcy.

But lest we mix it up, yes Nigeria will be bankrupt but the reverse will be the case for a selected few.

Selected few? Who are these selected few? These selected few are the few insatiable wealth amassers. But who are they? The answer is simple, they are the political class. The political class of this nation has set our nation; Nigeria, on a fast lane to bankruptcy.

Nigeria is a nation currently known for setting bad precedents which history could never have envisaged.

It will be laughable, but it is a clear possibility in the Nigerian factor that this sovereign nation could go bankrupt while few individuals who swore under oath to uphold our honour and glory will be equating their individual wealth to that of nations.

A day could be coming where these individuals will become nations themselves. The signals are glaring. Today, we have fellow Nigerians who single handedly put a whole state under their foot and assume defacto rulers with total disregard to the citizenry.

Nigerians must arise. We cannot afford to sleep while few people soak up our resources, only to leave us (Nigeria) bankrupt and go out to setup new nations and empires in foreign lands. It is a pity but the signs are becoming clear on a daily basis.

Lest it was not said; but I say it here today, that a day is coming where this sovereign nation, our pride, our country; Nigeria, will go bankrupt and then with our eyes open, foreign nations will buy us up and we; I mean you and I, will become tenants on this very land.

A word is enough for the Wise!!!

Let us change our paths now we still can.

God Bless Nigeria.


  1. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Nice site, nice and easy on the eyes and great content too.

  2. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I'm glad you (Eta Uso) who has always seemed to be on the side of the political class are finally seeing through the looking glass & rose-coloured spectacles.

    That day keeps drawing closer the more we allow them sit in office.



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