Donald Trump For President of The United States of America?

Donald John Trump is an American business magnate, socialite, author and television personality.

DONALD Trump wants to be President of the United States!

Speaking to American tabloid the National Enquirer, the real estate mogul says he’s keen to run for office.

“America is being laughed at by the rest of the world — and things must change before it’s too late!” he said.

“It’s not something I want to do. In fact, I wish that I saw someone else on the horizon, but there’s no one else!”

“Yes, I would look to spend my own money,” he added. “If you’re not prepared to do that, then you’re not prepared to run for office!

“I question whether Sarah Palin is electable, and whether she has a big enough following to get 50 percent of the vote.

“When Ronald Reagan was president, the United States was respected — but not anymore.

“Today Americans feel as if we’re the whipping post for other countries. We will not be a great country in the not too distant future if we don’t change our ways!”

Courtsey: ShowBizSpy


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