GOD AT WORK (Remembering 5TH JULY, 2007)

I just know this one thing, that I am blessed beyond human comprehension by my God in heaven.

This blessings that follow me was once again, clearly and openly exhibited on the 5th of July, 2007. I went out with my dad’s Mercedes Benz car to buy diesel for our generating plant. However, I did not leave straight for the fuelling station; I went to check a friend first. Later that day, on my way to the diesel station which was on the express-way, quite far away from town, I had a busted tyre. However, although I immediately started hearing some loud irritating sound, I did not know that it came from my wheels. I was still going with some reasonable speed on this busted tyre, which was very dangerous, however I was not aware that this danger was looming around me, as I did not suspect the loud screeching sound to be coming from my wheels.

It was until I got into the fuelling station and stopped, that was when it dawned on me that the sound was from my car, because the loud sound stopped immediately I stopped the car, and I saw smoke coming up from the front left wheel of the car. Only for me to come out and see that the tyre was battered, tattered and in shreds.

Now, that was where my trouble started. The spare tyre in my car booth had no air in it and needed to be pumped. And the fuelling station was quite far from town. I was confused, and could not find any vulcanizer around to pump the spare tyre. Luckily, I saw a young guy (a stranger) around, and I asked him where I could find someone to pump my flat spare tyre, he did not only direct me to the place, but he offered to come along with me. While we strolled over a stretch of over 5km to the nearest tyre workshop, he totally and single-handedly kept rolling the spare tyre, while I, the victim of this incident was just strolling effortlessly by his side. Remember, I did not pay him or ask him to assist me. All I asked him was where I could find the nearest tyre workshop to pump my flat spare tyre, so that I could replace the busted front wheel tyre. As we strolled down this long stretch, we finally came to the workshop where I got my tyre pumped and was charged extra, to fix some missing components, to enable the tyre to be pumped. When all was done, we started our journey back, another 5km to where the car was parked in the fuelling station.

He, again rolled the tyre on his own throughout our return journey of another 5km, and remember this was a stranger I had never met before, but he offered me such a priceless assistance when I was in a state of confusion. Finally, we got to our destination after meandering against moving traffic on the express-way. As we got back, he also came and removed the busted tyre, and replaced it with the spare tyre that we just pumped. This whole process left his hands and jeans trousers messed up, while I, the victim of this incident was clean and fresh.

What shocked me the most and made me know that I am truly and richly blessed was when he kindly rejected some money I offered him as gratitude for giving me such whole-hearted assistance that I never requested for. I insisted on giving him something in return as I felt that just “Thank You” was not enough, but he kindly rejected and said that he just wanted to help and was not expecting anything in return.

It was then that I saw and knew and considered and understood together that the hand of the Lord had done this, that the Holy One of Israel had created it (Isaiah 41:20). I just knew he was a God-sent. I knew he was a human angel acting on God’s command to help me without measure and without expecting anything in return. I then again knew that God’s word in Hebrews 13:5 “… I will never live you nor forsake you” was working fully and has always been with me.

I went home happily with the diesel I bought. GLORY TO GOD!

Eta E. Uso


  1. a truly amazing story &a reminder of God's word dt He is ever faithful &true 2His promises!!!

  2. @ Sharra - Thanks for your comment. You just perfectly right

  3. Anonymous7:54 PM

    God is awesome! We see His hands daily in our businesses, places of work, schools etc. He has promised he will never forsake His people. We praise His holy name forever!

  4. Anonymous7:54 PM

    God is awesome! We see His hands daily in our businesses, places of work, schools etc. He has promised he will never forsake His people. We praise His holy name forever!

  5. @ Anonymous - Thanks for your comment. God is love. He is all we need

  6. Anonymous2:09 AM

    Hi - I am really delighted to discover this. Good job!


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