This is definitely a great movie with great actors and great scripting. This is no doubt a movie worth spending a few quid’s on.

However, what made me cry only came down to a short scene in the movie starting from where the intelligent young scientist was up against the self-imposed acting C-in-C of the USA who did not want the gates of the space ship opened to allow millions of stranded humans get into the spaceship even as the tsunami as high as Mount Everest was fast approaching.

Then, just at that point where everyone was confused, the Heads of State of the People’s Republic of China and Japan both voted for the gates to be opened, then, the United Kingdom, Spain and France also voted in the affirmative as well Italy. With these few votes, the young scientist now had the support he needed and he then pleaded with the Captain of the ship to open the gates in these words “Captain Michelson, please”. Then the part that made me cry was when the captain picked up his communication equipment and spoke through the public address system to the hearing of the millions of people stranded outside of which they were only few minutes away from destruction and here was his words “This is the Captain, in a few moments you will open the gates to get this people in”. At this point, I cried. The captain’s words were the words of liberation that the millions outside who were few minutes away from disaster all needed. And they were all saved.


  1. Haba Eta.. Dem no reach millions but daaamn de film was tyt. Itz that pilot that said he must land the plane that made me cry.

  2. @ Akopac - Thanks for your response. Yea tht scene was also a brave 1.


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