Nigeria: We Didn't Toil. So We Might As Well Let Go.

by Eta Uso, Jr.

Is it not sweet yet sour that once upon a time a few people clamoured that we stick to a system of rotational Presidency by virtue of zoning. Yet today, these same few people, believe that it is either out or war if a certain section insists on completing their own circle.

While the above may be sweet and sour, this section is out-rightly sour. In that, our Nigeria of which we have today and are seemingly seeking to actively destroy on the altar of self interest and lust for power, a very large chunk of us did not toil for it. Rather, the spirit of Nigeria today in which we seek to destroy is a legacy bequeathed us by brave and patriotic men of honour, very Nigerians as us, now departed.

We never toiled for her (Nigeria), our sweats neither blood never went down in exchange for the soul of she (Nigeria) that she might live. We gave nothing for her progress, so what's there to loose? We might as well just destroy her. Yet, though we seek to destroy her because we cannot have her for ourselves as our greed permits, if we so proceed and we finally bring her (Nigeria) to her knees, where do we get another? The truth we have refused to embrace is that there is no another. And even if we could give birth to another like her, I doubt the living souls in this generation embody enough honour to lay down sweat and blood for a new birth.

I will stop here and hope we all ask ourselves this question. Why destroy what we cannot rebuild?

GOD help us all.

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