Your Present Troubles Are Small Your Glory Will Outweigh Them And Will Last Forever

By Eta Uso [Jr]

"For our present troubles are small and won't last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever." - 2 Corinthians 4:17

This above scripture reminds me of a Church service I attended some years ago. During that service, the Pastor while preaching, made a statement that has remained with me till date. He said; "those who do not understand your Story, will not understand your Glory". 

The above statement is true. Many see you today, wealthy, happy and in good health. Most of the time, you may even be ascribed to as being lavish or extravagant in your way of living. Many will criticise you for this, many will hate you even before they have the opportunity of meeting you. I tell you, do not blame them. They do not know your story. If only they knew what you endured. For example; they may never know that the man who got his first contract and chose to buy a brand new Toyota Prado SUV was actually wheeled to school in a wheelbarrow and such individual may have promised himself that his children will never have to go through same. Thus, at his first touch of money, he chose to take on a 'lavish' acquisition of a state of the act SUV. 

It is bad to judge how another man lives out his success. Same as it is bad to want to be in another man's shoes no matter how good it may seem, as in both situations, you can never really tell what occurred/occurs on the inside, thus covet not another man's life. Everyone of us has success within us. It is our place to work on ourselves to stir it up and cause it to shine out. This we can achieve using the infallible principles of the Holy Bible. 

I have come to minister and assure you this morning that your troubles are temporary. The word of GOD has assured you that whatever troubles you are facing is/are not to kill you but rather to produce for you a Glory that not just outweighs but in essence, greatly outweighs your present troubles and thus will set you high on a height of Glory that will last forever. 

If only you believe, you will be amongst the millions of people who will give that testimony that people will find it hard to believe. For those who will not believe your testimony, at least them believe your new state of Glory. For those who still would not believe, just leave them with these two words; Grace Happened. 

Eta Uso [Jr]

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