This Is The Truth by Eta Uso (Jr)

Some people, either out of previous experiences or of self-exaltation, have tended to find perfect friendship with the entity known as 'paranoia'. These persons believe that someone or people out there is/are always trying to bring them down or stop them from achieving their goals. Today, I besiege you to give a chance at and embrace the attitude of 'Pronia' (the believe that the world is conspiring to help you). You would be amazed at the total turnaround and satisfaction this would bring you.

Embracing Pronia is not about being in denial. Rather, it is all about creating your own reality. The last time I checked, no man could/can truly define reality. Or if I make ask, what is reality? The answer is that, there is no answer. However, we all know that reality does exist. O yes it does! And it's simple; Reality is simply what you make it.

A trip to the Moon was never deemed possible until 'Believe' pondered it as a reality and thus it became a reality.

One man positioned his reality at becoming a President in a land where the black skin is still largely seen as second-class and today, he is the President of one of the world's most powerful nations.

Thus, who can dictate your reality for you? Anyone of course! And this would only happen when you choose to leave the task of designing your own reality to other people.

Therefore, Wake Up! Utilize your thoughts, your pen, whatever; just get up, set out and create your own Reality. And while at it, always remember that there are no rules and no limits. With these, I believe we could all be pioneers at different areas in this future of ours.

...and as you attain your Zenith, always remember this as well; Wait not for history to be kind to you, but ensure to Write Your Own History. No one can know the road more than the man who actually walked the path.


Eta Uso Jr
Twitter: @royaltyuso


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