Don't Swallow Everything - We All Have A Sense Of Taste. Taste it! - by Eta Uso (Jr)

Could it be out of laziness? Or simply out of the refusal to engage our minds even while at rest, that causes us to take in everything of what we are shown, rather than what it actually is.

How many of you truly analyze the words or actions of your mentor(s)? How many of you task yourselves to check that though you see red, it could actually be green? How many of you are even conscious that you embody a mind of your own? To this last question, the problem is simple, you can never be conscious that you possess a mind of your own, when you are not even conscious of the fact that you are unique.

Thus, on mentor-ship; yes, look up to your mentor(s), but that does not mean lose yourself to your mentor(s).


Eta Uso (Jr)
Twitter: @royaltyuso


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