Who Are You Following?

With the explosion of social media on the internet, one of the common questions you hear people asking is who they are following on Twitter or Facebook. The more important question to ask might be "Where are they leading you?"
Hundreds of thousands of people may decide to follow a person, but that does not make them a leader. True leaders are much more than someone who entertains or captivates you for the moment. They have the ability to listen, and by listening, they gain invaluable feedback from the team. Feedback helps them correct what they're doing wrong and hone their leadership skills. It stands to reason that leaders are humble – they know their advisors have much to teach. And leaders, as any successful military commander knows, trust their team. The person who thinks he or she is the smartest person on the team isn't a true leader; this person has no faith in the others and has never bothered to develop leadership skills.
"It is the person willing to listen and learn who has the makings of a great leader."


  1. Anonymous7:32 AM

    True word, brother! True word.


  2. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Absolutely correct! People follow people for so many reasons.may be a celebrity.but tell you wat,real influencers are listeners.


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