You Have No Cause To Achieve Lower Than Your Mark

In-case you missed the heading, I would repeat it again for free; You Have No Cause To Achieve Lower Than Your Mark!

Like someone once said "Find out what you are really here for and chase it down with every sweat and fiber in your being". This quote applies to every aspect of your life, be it your academics; find out why you are really in school and chase it down with every sweat and fiber in your being. Until you begin to ask 'Why', you would never really appreciate the value of aiming and achieving the best in wherever you find yourself. It is an indisputable fact that if you do not know 'Why' you are in school, you would never understand 'Why' it is important that you read your books and achieve high grades every semester/term. Even in your local societies and even in politics at different levels, until you ask yourself 'Why' you have been elected to lead, you would never come to the complete understanding of the responsibilities and achievements that are expected of you. Wherever or at whatever task you find yourself, always ask 'Why' and assuredly you would always get an answer. When you get these answers, give your very best at it, I mean, all you've got and the results/milestones would amaze you. Success can never elude a man who gives his all in small, just as he would in big.

Why seek a second opportunity to right a wrong when you could have made it right at first instance if only you gave your best and didn't aim below your mark. Why seek a second opportunity to make an 'A' in class when you could have made it at first instance if only you had asked yourself 'Why' you were there in the first place and then given your very best at it.

Why seek a second chance to be a better leader when you could have been a better leader at first instance.

Why ever seek second chances when we all know that the clock never pauses nor rewinds. In essence, why seek to do the same thing twice when it could have been amazingly done at first instance, most especially as we all agree that time waits for no one.

Get a grip of yourself! Always ask 'Why' and it would always and assuredly help you focus on the task and achievement(s) expected of you.

Even if everything and everyone fails you, you cannot afford to fail yourself! Refuse to understand or believe in Excuses. The only people who give excuses are those who seek a second chance on one and same task.

Remember this; Champions do not give excuses! Champions always ask 'Why' and then they get answers and then they give their best at it and then they Win!


Eta Uso Jr
Twitter: @royaltyuso


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