Victory Speech by Sen. Eta Uso Jr (Senate Mace & Records Custodian-Elect) of The Peoples' Senate

‘Today, change has come to the Peoples’ Senate’

It is a huge privilege and of great honour and responsibility in taking up this job.

Today, the Peoples’ Senate has a new Government, a Government that is passionate and obedient to the founding values and objectives of this noble organisation; a Government of passion, patriotic-spirit as well as a Government of results.

The journey from the pre-elections up till this day had not been a smooth ride. At certain moments, the storm seemed so overwhelming but thanks to the Almighty God of who maintained Peace in our minds and hearts and showed us all the signs and proofs that Victory was certain.

We had many distractions along the way but I must state that we cannot have free government without elections; and if we had let the rebellion to force us into foregoing or postponing our election, they would have fairly claimed to have already conquered and ruined us.

On a personal level, I was a victim of severe betrayals in the course of this election. I had many reassurances of support from close associates and supposed allies in the run-up to this election of which turned out to be a well mastered plan that was intended to manipulate and produce an outcome that clearly was not in my best interest and that of this noble Senate.

However, in the spirit of team-work and without taking focus away from the goals and objectives of the Peoples’ Senate, I extend a sincere and genuine hand of friendship to all those who painfully planned and lost their sleep in trying to ensure that this day was not possible; to you all, I say, we are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection.

To the Ex-Senate Mace & Records Custodian (Senator Izzy – Isimeme Anenih), your service to this noble Senate while you were in office would not be forgotten. The history of this Senate would never be complete without making reference to you. You fought a good fight and never gave up till the end. God bless you.

To my people of The Peoples’ Senate, God bless you all, for today in your midst, I stand here with a crown of Victory because of what you all did on the 16th to 20th of July, 2011. I remember during the pre-election campaigns, in my pre-election manifesto, I made a contract to you all; today, this contract has been signed, sealed and has been set on delivery, lined and woven with flawless execution.

Once again, with malice towards none and with charity for all, in my capacity as the new Senate Mace & Records Custodian, I beacon on all to board this ship of ours. The new Government of the Peoples’ Senate would not and cannot hold your past against you.

Let’s Sail Together. We are moving forward.

Thank you.

God Bless The Peoples’ Senate.

God Bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Sen. Eta Uso Jr.
24th July, 2011.


  1. My dear senator, it seems you do not have a clue how this forum was started. It would be a good idea if u had indepth knowledge on how this forum was started. I read your speech and was in shock to see that all the founders were not mentioned or thanked. Pls do the needful.
    Thank you.

    Akin Anenih
    First senate president of the people's senate.

  2. @ Akin Anenih - Thanks alot for your comment. I really respect and appreciate it.

    On the issue raised, this was an electoral victory speech and not a thank-you speech or anything revolving around same.

    However, in reference to names being mentioned and honored, I believe you would agree with me very well that if no one else's name was mentioned, yours was indeed mentioned and I indeed made mention clearly that the history of this Senate can never be completely written without you being mentioned.

    Thanks once again for your kind comment.


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