Business Email Gone Bad

Below is an email I received yesterday from someone who wanted to offer me some unsolicited form of service. Offering me an unsolicited service was not the issue, but rather, the issue was more with the content of the email that was suppose to convince me to part ways with money in return for the service. Please read the unedited email in quote below and give your comments;

"Well you must have held people says using GTB Naira ATM/MASTER Card to Make Payment Online. that's you can buy digital products via the internet (like laptops, ipods, phones, domain name at godaddy, ebay so long as the merchant have master card logo on their site. and many more...) online with your GTB Naira ATM Master Card and have you products delivers to your address. Here is a simple steps that could get any interested person started. I only demand a token. that is affordable by any individual. N1,000 (One Thousand Naira Only). Interested person should request for account details for payment"


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