Goodluck Jonathan (A Citizen’s Perspective)

By Eta Uso Jr

President Goodluck Jonathan is a man in whom I see humility, passion for a New Nigeria, a man who can stake his life for this nation. I see an independent man, a man whose actions are calculative and a man devoid of ethnic and religious bias.

Some people may want to argue and dispute the aspect of his being an independent man, I would not join issues with them but I would advise they go seek privilege information and they would see in black and white that the man of President Goodluck Jonathan takes no flimsy instructions from no one but he is one who would always take a stance geared only towards national unity.

I do not want to list his numerous achievements in this note; as such, I did not do any research before doing this write-up as I am strictly just on how I perceive the man of President Goodluck Jonathan.

With a fresh four years in office, I perceive a stronger President Jonathan. I see a man who would be totally loyal to the people and not distracted by those who claim to be stakeholders in his successful emergence from Vice President to President. I envision a President in the man of Goodluck Jonathan who would refuse to be dragged into settling unqualified political loyalist with sensitive positions in the Government of Nigeria. I see a man who would improve on his success at ensuring a generally free and fair 2011 elections and would even do more to perfect the process in time for the 2015 elections and even after. I see a man who clearly believes that every Nigerian deserves a good life and not just a selected few.

My eye sees so deeply into this man, so much that if I were to put all on paper, I would never stop writing.

With all sincerity, I assuredly say that for those who seek a New Nigeria, the man of President Goodluck Jonathan is an embodiment of the New Nigeria that we seek.

For those who may refuse to see clearly as I have seen, I have just an advice; “Seek Inner Truth”, for to understand a man’s intentions and capabilities, you would have to know him first; from the inside.


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