Do We Need Dele Momodu?

Sincerely speaking, Dele Momodu is a man I never gave a chance up till 48 hours ago where while laying on my bed, I just got this conviction of a selfless man, a true Nigerian, a man who has given hope to the hopeless in this nation and abroad, a man who grew his empire from scratch and touched many lives through it, a man who didn’t need Government funds to live the good life, a man who has worked for every kobo he has earned and spent.

Many people have refused to see him beyond a lifestyle guru, a name he earned out of selfless service to his job of which without any doubt, I know he could always replicate such success in any area of life he sets his mind on.

Nigeria must Change and that Change is within us.

Look Deep!!!


  1. Dede has been in the corridor of power and ran away via cotonou border.

    He knows the game even if he was far from it for years...Just another crafty man in sheep clothing...

    - Ukay

  2. @ Ukay - Food for thought...


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