Sitting down scrolling through my phone on the 10th of April, 2010 @ 6am and I came across the lovely pictures I snapped during my 3-day trip to Uyo last year, then suddenly, memories flow in like a speeding Ferrari and I just wished I could replay in detail, those moments of my Uyo trip once again. As the memories flew in, I could not help but write out my experience seen below.

The reason for my trip to Uyo was in respect to an interview for students who applied to undergo their Industrial Training Attachment at Mobil Nigeria Unlimited.

The beauty of my trip started just as we drove into Uyo, I was marvelled by the quality of the road both in width and thickness of which was almost under completion by the german construction giants; Julius Berger. The comfort and smooth movement courtesy of the new uyo road, which was near completion as at then was in a class of its own as against the bumpy ride of the expressway that links Cross River and Akwa Ibom State. Alongside the roads which without doubt were built to international standards, also, were the massive construction works that was going on at my left and right of which was a beauty for me. I was marvelled at the great change that I saw compared to the last time I was there in 2006. As we drove past different large construction sites, I kept on asking those beside me “what project is this, what project is that”. I was thrilled because I last visited Uyo in 2006 and then suddenly, I came back in 2009, and it looked like a new city was built. When I saw all these, I just said this Governor (Obong Godswill Akpabio) is working.

After the thrills I got from the entrance to the city, I finally got to the Akwa Ibom Transport Company bus park where I dropped off and took a cab to my hotel at F-Line Ewet Housing which was booked for my short stay.

As soon as I got into my accommodation and dropped my bags, I did not even take off my shoes before I requested a meal of Garri and Afang Soup (my favourite) and without any doubt, I did justice to the food. After the meal, I made some calls to the friends I had in Uyo and later that evening, a friend of mine came over and we went over to relax at The Lounge Bar. It was a night of fun and I enjoyed every moment of it.

The next morning, I got up early, did my routine and rushed off to EEMJM Hotel along Dominic Utuk street which was the venue for the Mobil Industrial Attachment Aptitude Test. Everything went on well and when I was through, I took a cab to visit my friend. We talked and laughed and he then suggested we go and hang out at ATL (Atlantic Hotels) with his friends. I agreed but by then I was so hungry so I told him to go to ATL since his friends where waiting for him while I rush back to my hotel and drop my exam materials. Anyway, when I returned to my apartment that afternoon, I could not resist but request another meal of Garri and Afang and I did justice to it before I later joined him and his friends at ATL that evening.  The high point of the night was when we decided to retire for the night and on his way to drop me off, he alongside one of his friend suggested they take me to the Le’ Meridian Ibom Resort for sight-seeing. We had a long journey down there in the cool breeze of the night. Finally, we got to Le’ Meridian Ibom Resort and from the gates, it spoke for itself. We drove in, got out of the car and took a good stroll round the resort, I went round the swimming pool area, the piano bar, the beautiful shops and the gym centre. After all was seen, I certified within me and outspokenly that Le’ Meridian Ibom Resort was a certified ‘5-Star’.  We later left and I was dropped off for the night, it was no doubt a worthy night-out in the city of Uyo.
The afternoon of the next day which was a Sunday, I could not say good-bye to the city, but I had no choice because I had to leave as I had to return to Calabar as my school was still in session. Within me, on my way to the park for my return journey, I just felt and knew that there was more to see and enjoy in that great city of Uyo.

Finally, I got to Calabar and as soon as I got home, I did not delay in replaying my view of the new Uyo and the beautiful exciting moments I experienced to my family.

I went to Uyo for an aptitude test but I got more than what I bargained for; Thanks to the hard working Government of the day who made the city a beauty for me to behold and admire and also thanks to my great friend based in Uyo who took me round to enjoy the Sight and Sounds of the great city.

It was a worthy journey and it also clearly showed me that; Change is possible once there is a will.


  1. Nice blog, i'm glad u enjoyed ur short stay in Uyo :-)

  2. @ Zeon - Thanks for your comment. I sure did.


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