Globacom Nigeria Ltd, also known as Glo Mobile Nigeria, started business operations in Nigeria in the year 2003. No doubt, it brought the relieve we all Nigerians needed from expensive per minute call charges, by introducing the per second billing, thereby crashing the high cost of making calls using the Global System of Mobile Communications (GSM).

However, the true Glo Mobile Nigeria has unravelled itself. The same company (Glo Mobile Nigeria) that brought respite to the masses of Nigeria has now consciously shut its doors of communication (the only bridge to its end-users) against the same masses that were made to believe that they were a company for the people, for Nigerians and truly Nigerian.

A telecoms company (Globacom Nigeria Ltd); a supposed 100% Nigerian owned company, has now shut-out its own Nigerian subscribers, the same people who made them who they are today by virtue of their extensive and wide patronage.

Today, Globacom Nigeria Ltd also known as Glo mobile Nigeria, has proven to us that the feelings of Nigerians do not matter, as long as we continue using their services thereby keeping them in a good position in the telecoms market in Nigeria.

A company (Glo Mobile Nigeria); a 100% Nigerian owned company, operates a dormant and never reachable customer care line with customer careline number: 121 irrespective of the time of the day you call and a customer care email address: of which you never get replies and when you do get replies, you get replies which are unsatisfactory in regards to the complaints sent and this happens 95% of the time. Also, to get a response by email, a troubled Nigerian with an urgent complaint must send one mail repeatedly over ten times before you might be lucky to get a short reply that 95% of the time, does not satisfy you and in very rare cases, you might be lucky to get a call.

A Company (Glo Mobile Nigeria Ltd) with a customer service that could be said to virtually operate lucky dip draws with mails sent to the Customer Service Department and the lucky pick manages to get an unsatisfactory response most of the time.

Globacom Nigeria Ltd (Glo Mobile Nigeria); what a Corporate Brand with a Failed Customer Service on a Corporate Scale. Thanks for making Nigerians your slaves; for as long as we keep using your services, our complaints do not matter, otherwise if it did, you would give us a Customer Service that works.

Eta E. Uso
0805 2856 853
(A bonafide Glo Mobile Nigeria Subscriber)


  1. Dats y i use MTN ma BRO......Glo sucks....put i must admit they use to be my first luv

  2. Glo no doubt is good, but their customer service sucks***. Its a mess.

  3. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I read with sympathy the complaints above. However, if it is any help, Globacom are not causing damage and distress through their dishonesty and unethical behaviour to Nigerians only. The company has left behind a trail of debt in South Africa. Used and abused suppliers and one year later they still have not paid their bills. Their spokesperson Tunde Kaitell and director Gladys Talabi do not reply to emails nor do they take calls. Exploitation is their core value and they have no respect for anything or anybody. They deserve no support. Our company, along with a bunch of others who have been victims of their shameful behaviour are working hard to make it known to all in our industry to ensure the message spreads and suppliers refuse to work with this ridiculous company at any level. They are bad, bad news.

  4. @ Anonymous - Thanks for your message. It is good that people are now standing up for their rights these days.

    Everyone deserves to be 'Served Right'.


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