This blog is about my person, Mr. Eta Uso (Jnr) and the passion that drives me.

 I have this passion, this drive, this love, the heart for the Computer. I would rather spend my whole life doing a profession or perhaps having a career in a Computer related field than any other juicy job out there, for this is where my heart is. I just know that I was created to function and be invaluable in the computer world and this drive and passion has been in me from birth. I have a serious role to play in the computer world and I believe that this is one of the reasons and purpose for which I was created. When I was around 10 years old, my dad bought a desktop computer for the house. At that time, I was blank about computer operations, but my passion could not just let me sit-back. This situation was beyond the normal anxiety of young children who love playing with gadgets and electronics. Sooner than later, my senior sister who had earlier attended a computer school agreed to teach me how to use the computer. However, barely days after she started, I virtually became the teacher. I was always two steps ahead of her, and I was always devising other means different from that of hers, in achieving the set targets for the day. This always got her asking and saying to me, “how did you do it”, “who showed you”, “how did you know”, “you are a small whiz-kid”, “I never knew that, am surprised you did”. It did not take long before I totally surpassed her and became the computer genius of the house without ever seeing the four-walls of a computer school. However, I attended the best Nursery and Primary School in my city although practical computer was never taught, and this was same in my secondary school. However, during these periods, even though I went through the best primary and secondary schools, I never had a chance to study computer practically. My computer knowledge was fully based on my home knowledge, of which I kept on teaching and educating myself, because my sister backed-out barely a week after she started teaching me, as I had surpassed her knowledge of which she spent six months studying in a computer school. However, she never stopped craving at the skills and speed in which I operated the computer. Soon, my dad, mum, my brother and my second sister gave me the name “Computer Whiz-Kid” till date and I was barely 11 years old at this stage and the last child of the family.

While, in secondary school, we never studied computer practically, but people, both staff and students termed me a “computer wizard” because the passion and depth in which I discussed and talked about the computer. It was not long after I left secondary school, that my father bought me a brand new Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop, and then I broke lose. The passion and the inbuilt talent I had for computer immediately went beyond my home and school. My neighbors, my brother and sisters friends all knew me because of this matchless gift of mine. And lest I forget, I was the last-born of the family, in a family of four children and my mum and dad, and I was the only person with a brand new laptop in the whole house and the first ever to have a laptop in our nuclear family. My senior brother and sisters never complained about this, they all said and kept on saying that I deserved it, because for years back, they had seen that this is where I had my passion, and it was what made me happy and took much of my time without any feel of hunger when I was on it.

I was barely of age when I solely designed and printed the Harvest Envelopes for our Church. December of that same year, I solely designed and printed the Invitation Letters for my parents 25th Marriage Anniversary. At such a young age, my parents handed over such vital projects to me among others because of my aptness and professionalism in dispensing this works. Barely eight months after I got my laptop, had it developed a motherboard fault which happened to be a common problem with the model I had. When, my father heard this, he this time around, told me to search and personally recommend the laptop of my choice of which I felt was durable and less-problematic. I searched the net, read user reviews on different notebooks, and then I finally picked a brand new Toshiba M70 laptop, which was bought for me immediately. And at the time I got my second brand-new laptop, no other person in the house, not even my dad had one, not until recently. This goes to showed how far in which my parents saw my potentials at that age, and they where fully behind it, as well did my mum send me to study Oracle recently, of which I am currently Oracle 9i Sql Certified and furthering ahead.

Thanks be to GOD Almighty, I am signified a genius in my locality and beyond. On a trip outside my state, I barely stayed for a few days with my uncle on a holiday-visit, not long before his nephew started calling me a genius just after meeting me for only a day. This passion and talent in me radiates, and speaks for me before my actions. I do not know how, but people always stop to single me out to assist in technical issues, even without knowing me before, and I always come out Victorious!. This (Computer) is where my heart is.




This blog was written from my heart and is fully about MY PASSION AND TALENT.

Yours Faithfully,

Eta E. Uso (Jnr)

First Written June 30, 2007 | 2:04pm Edited: 31st January, 2009.


  1. I read you computer 'whiz' story and i am again mesmirized at what the jouney has been this far. Passion and committment wheeles the crane of success. You have my best wishes and doxology

  2. wondering on9:58 PM

    SO what exactly can you do on the computer that has deemed you a genius, so far all you have mentioned ais desiging a chruch envelope but besides that waht skills not including microsoft office do you posses?

  3. @ wondering - I am also a Comptia A+ Certified Technician, Oracle 9i DBA and a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in Managing Projects Using Microsoft Office 2007.

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